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Technology makes life easier, right? But with so many devices, choices and compatibility issues out there, things can soon feel complicated. Hometech streamlines and simplifies technology to make it work for you.

Hometech provides a spectrum of services for your PC, Mac and other electronics. We also create Smart Homes. A Smart Home integrates your home’s devices and systems—security, lighting, entertainment, energy—into one easy-to-use interface. When everything works together, life is good. A Smart Home is safer, greener, more efficient—and more fun.

Hometech has been providing fast, friendly service to Chicago, the North Shore and suburbs for more than 25 years. We’re currently building our new web site, which you’re starting to see here.

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Computer Solutions Security Smart Lighting Home Entertainment Energy Management
Fixing computers has long been the heart of our business for over 25 years. We remove viruses, recover data, provide training, make your system more efficient—and more. Don’t know which products to buy? We sort through it all so you don’t have to. We work with both PCs and Macs and serve both residential and small business customers. Smart security enhances your safety and gives you peace of mind. Hometech can integrate your home’s safety features—from locks to lights—to make you more secure. Smart technology allows you to monitor your home’s security simply by using your everyday devices, whether you’re home or away. Can’t remember if you locked the garage door? Use your smart phone to double-check it (and to lock it). Want to check on your house while away on vacation, or program your locks to let in your dog walker? Done. You can even have your front door send you a text when your child comes home from school. Smart dimmers and switches make it easy to control your lights and save money on electricity. That light in the basement that everyone in your family leaves on? No longer a concern. Trying to boost your energy efficiency? Set lights and shades according to outside lighting and the season. Feel safer if certain lights automatically come on when you arrive home. No problem. You can use smart technology to create the right lighting for any situation. Smart homes are fun. With whole-house audio, Hometech will get music playing in every corner of your home, without a major wiring project. You can listen to your favorite music in your kitchen while your children hear their tunes in the family room. Smart audio lets you easily access all of your music from anywhere it is stored, or from streaming services such as Rhapsody, Pandora and play it anywhere in your home or office. And it’s all integrated into one simple interface anyone in the family can use. A Smart Home is an energy efficient home. Create a more comfortable home, save money and go green, without compromising your lifestyle. With smart dimmers, intelligent thermostats and easy to use energy monitoring and management tools, you’ll be making an impact on the environment – and your wallet. Lights, shades and thermostats automatically adjust depending on current conditions. And a smart system makes it easy to monitor how much energy you use during peak hours and adjust for more efficiency. Smart technology makes your house more comfortable and your environmental impact lighter—and it’s all very easy to do.